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Be satisfied to do your best. If you make a mistake, or the wrong decision, resolve to do the better next time and leave it at that, Worry won't alter it.

  Feel friendly towards people. If they are unfriendly, put it down to tiredness, business worries, or just plain ignorance. But don't let it stop you being generous with your courtesy, kindness, encouragement co-operation, affection.
 Expect to enjoy yourself. If you go about in this spirit, the chances are that you will develop an attitude that looks for the pleasant, the friendly, the pleasing and the beautiful, rather than the reverse.

 Collect happy thought, satisfaction and memories. Store these in your mind, rather than a string of grievances and things-and-people- i- dislike.

 Develop a variety of satisfying interests so that you will have something in common with most  people.Simplify your wants and your way of living.  Cut down on the modern tendency towards continual  frantic hurry.

 Don't put people on a pedestal and then be disappointed "because they let me down". Do not expect too much from others or depend on them. But make sure that they can depend on you.

Be quick to forgive and forget and to let bygones be bygones. Meet people half way, see their point of view, make allowances for them, speak first.

Stop fretting over plans that go wrong, ambitions that come to nothing. Irritations that have to be borne. Be thankful and grateful for the good things you have.

Learn to let go and to relax. Treasure your sense of humour. This should be working overtime as you laugh with people  and at yourself.

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Remember that

Remember that:-
If there is no visible target and direction in the life of nations, then the ignorant / careless persons of nation would  involve themselves in useless objects and forgetting precious targets waste their valuable time in jokes and laughter. therefore the result of this, definatly comes as disaster for nation .then history would never forgives them.

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Population of Sindhis in Sindh

In the  census of 1940, earlier to 1947, the population of Sindhi speaking in Karachi was 97 per cent, and 70 percent of them were Sindhi Hindus, it was absolutely a Sindhi Town and there were some 400 to 500 Sindhi primary schools, same was the case in Hyderabad the second largest city and other bigger towns of Sindh.

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History of Memon Community

History of Memon Community
Memon is a famous caste of subcontinent. Traditionally, the name Memon is corrupted version of "Momin" derived from Arabic, meaning faithful. This was given used when this community converted to Islam.
Sindhi Origins
More than one narration has been proposed about the origins of the Memon community, These narrations, although similar, differ in their details, but all historical facts prove that Memon community originally belongs to Sindh. According to Dadani, Memon community came into existence in 824 Hijri (1422 CE) when 700 families comprising of 6178 persons belonging to the Lohana community of Sindh accepted Islam.
According to Anthovan, those Lohanas of Thato (District Thatta near Karachi city), who had also converted to Islam and became Memons, were invited by Jarejho Roa Khanghar, ruler of Bhuj (1548-1584) to settle in Bhuj. It is from there that Katchi Memons migrated to Kathiawar and Gujrat. Surat in Gujrat was an important trading center during 1580 to 1680 and Memons made their bounty there. Later, the Memons reached Bombay and settled there to carry their business. Diwan Bherumal M. Advani writes that all the Memons of Bombay, Gujrat and Kutch are Lohanas from Sindh. (A volume written by Mr. Anthovan, part 2, pages 52 and 53).
Another theory states that Memons originated in 1422 CE from Thatta in Sindh. The converts were first called Momins of Mumins and term with the march of time, changed to Memons. The story related therein states that some 700 Lohana families, (inclusive, perhaps of some earlier covert and neo-Muslim converts) comprising of some 6178 individuals, accepted Islam at the hands of one Syed Yusuffuddin Qadri and finding themselves banished by their erstwhile Hindu brothers were forced to migrate. This was also stated by Husssain Kassim Dada from his Presidential Chail at the first ever All India Memon Conference in Rajkot in the year 1931.
Memon community has also branch wise identification. Those who trace their ancestors from Kutch region are identified as Kutchi Memon and they speak Kutchi accent Sindhi. Those who trace their ancestry to Kathiawar are identified as Kathiawadi Memons or Halai Memons and they speak Memoni type Sindhi. Those Memons who remained in Sindh (Their ancestor never migrated to neighboring regions such as Kutch and Kathiawar) are identified as simply Memon or Sindhi Memon and they speak pure Sindhi Language.
Many Memon, especially Kathiawadi Memon, further distinguished themselves into various sun-groups which generally refer to their ancestral villages or towns such as Bantva Memons, Jutpur Memons and Deeplai Memon. It is estimated that the number of only Kathiawadi Memon, other than Kutchi and Sindhi Memon, worldwide are over one million.
Generally a Memon is a Sindhi Muslim person born within a Memon family which traces its ancestry back to the descendants of the community originating from Sindh and purely Sindhi speaking, whosemembers first embraced Islam, they all were known according to their areas as Halai Memon, Okhai Memon, Katchi Memon, Kathri, Tharati, Nasarpuria and others.
Mother tongue of Memon community is Sindhi, but most Memons who came back to their mother land from India at the time of participation in 1947, speak Sindhi with a tone of voice mixing to the indic North-Western Zone family of language dialect called Memoni. Memoni accent Sindhi is spoken only by Muslims, while the pure Sindhi language is spoken by both Muslims and non-Muslims. Memoni referes exclusively to the vernacular of the Kathiawadi Memons who are predominately Sunni Muslims that migrated from Sindh to the neighbouring regions of Kutch and Kathiawar in Gujarat several centuries ago but they did not forget Sindhi language and even today in stress, intonation, and eaveryday speech, Memoni is very similar to Sindhi, however it borrows vocabulary extensively from Gujarati, Hindustani and lately English.
Identification of Memon community living in Karachi is falling into disuse due to various reasons:-
They are forgetting their origin that they are from Sindh and Sindh is their mother land.
The new generation incline to Urdu and think that they migrated from India therefore they are "Mohajir" that is why the second generation parents do not know their mother tongue themselves. fear of being discriminated or being ridiculed by some urdu speaking development of inferiority complex about their heritage by many Memons.

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Black Water and MQM's Hallmarks on Karachi Fire -Bombing

Bomb Blast and  fire incident on a religious procession:Investigation report by London Times Post:
"There is no difference between Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and MQM MQM’s ‘Clean Shaven Taliban’ because both are sponsored by India and USA.”
The recent bombings of a religious procession in Karachi and fire bombings of small businesses miles away from the incident reportedly owned by mostly Sunni Tableghie Jamat a non violent religious group, got all the hall marks of ‘private mercenaries’ Black water with the support of MQM. According to reports it is physically not possible for any one attending the procession to go miles away, get special firebombing chemicals and equipment to set fire 300 hundred shops in Bolton Market. It is only possible if one already knows the timing of the bombings and part of the plot. They targeted a Sunni areas where it is almost impossible for an angry ‘Shia protestor’ to reach from the crime scene keeping in the view the distances. So Shia procession was bombed, Sunni business were burnt down and MQM’s fire engines did not arrive. Seems perfect Black waters Inc style operation?

Black water, MQM’s Plus plan was meticulous and well timed. (a) Timing of the bombing few days before the end of the term of City Government Term. So City Government building burnt down with the record to cover-up corruption? (b) Selection of the venues to be fire bombed (c) Torching of Light House Market predominantly owned by the Pashtuns who did not pay extortion money to the MQM – Score settled, Job done (d) Torching of Bolton Market mostly business are owned by peaceful Sunni Muslims Memon Community. They refused to be relocated outside the city because shops worth millions. High ups of the current regime allegedly President Zardari & Co had interest in the land to develop and build flats and plazas. (Job done) (e) Why MQM leaders both reportedly Shias Haider Abbas Rizvi and Faisal Sabzwari not in the Ashura procession? (f) Why police and rangers did not stop the arsonists and terrorists? (g) Who ordered them not to act? (h) Remote control bomb was planted in an ambulance which might be carrying a head too? (i) Who is Hasham Al-Zafar (central) and what is his role in the bombing and burning of Karachi? (j) What is his relationship with Saleem Shezad alleged master mind of the operation and why he only reports to Altaf Hussain?

MQM and Black water are US sponsored mafia style mercenary outfits due to their management structure as it is almost the same both groups’ chiefs are out of Pakistan to start with. MQM are the local collaborators of Black water in Pakistan?

According to sources similar kinds of chemicals and firebombing equipments have been used in Iraq and Lebanon. Pakistan’s security agencies must look into the links between MQM lead City Government and Black water. What kind of assistance they are providing to the mercenaries. City mayor Syed Mustafa Kamal and Governor Sind Dr Ashrat Abad Khan recently visited sensitive institutions of the USA related to protection of US national interests aboard. Why would a mayor of a third world country visit US State Department? Did he inform Pakistani’s foreign ministry? He is on the grooming list. “To his credentials it was Mustafa Kamal who opened the door for the assassins came to kill his ‘uncle’ Azeem Ahmed Tariq, leader of the MQM, as it was an inside job. It sounds like nephew shopped his ‘uncle’ according to a source.

Altaf Hussain’s MQM and his mafia have caused more economic and human losses to Pakistan by strikes and terrorist activities then three wars with India. After the incident on Monday December 28, 2009, three thousand shops were burnt; one thousand were burnt after looting which caused loss of Rs. 60 billion to Pakistani economy. Armed men stopped fire engines for over three hours according to reports. Why?
Elements close to MQM were also allegedly involved in the terrorism, arson, and killings after tragic death of Benazir Bhutto on 27th December 2007. Many analysts believe that it was a dry run by the foreign sponsored elements to separate Karachi from the rest of the country. There is another dimension to the burring of some markets with small business. Some people from land mafia were making hostile offers to these old pre partition businesses.


 “Sindhi topi and ajrak have been symbols of the Sindhi culture and civilisation for thousands of years .
Sindhi topi :Sindhi has one distinctive cap, which stands out for its colorful embroidery and glasswork; the Sindhi Topi. It is round in shape except that a portion in front is cut out to expose the forehead (for the same reasons as explained earlier) which represents the Islamic Culture ofMimbar and Mihrab. It comes in two varieties - hard and soft. The hard variety will keep its shape when not worn but the soft variety can be folded and even put into one’s picket. Most Sindhis, rich or poor, own a Sindhi cap.